Why Factoring ?

What is factoring ?

A comprehensive package of services the basis of which is acquisition of the receivables resulted from a delivery of goods or a provision of services. The capacity of the Factor to combine, according to the needs of the client and the provisions of the agreement concluded between the Factor and the Adherent, the four services listed below renders the factoring operation a flexible and resilient instrument:

  • Flexible financing;
  • Account receivable management;
  • Account receivable collection;
  • Taking-over the risk of default of the Assigned Debtor.



  • Flexible financing, which increases with the business level, and is structured on the specifics thereof;
  • It does not require lodging of material guarantees;
  • Access to specialized account receivable management and collection services;
  • Access to specialized valuation, review and monitoring services as regards the Account Debtors and the claims held against them;
  • Covering for the risk of default of the Account Debtors;
  • Specialized consultancy and commercial assistance;
  • Real time reporting and information.